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Hello and welcome to Omega Dyes. If you are looking for the easiest way to colour fabric, yarn or fibre in the home, classroom or studio then these are the dyes for you. No lengthy steaming or chemical finishing processes - just dye and go! We also boast very competitive prices and excellent, personal service.

Our range of four dyes will colour almost every fabric and fibre, including fur and feathers! These can be dyed with our Acid All in One Dye, which also colours wool, mohair and other fleece, silk and nylon. This dye only needs hot water and 30minutes in a pan, or 10 in the microwave, and your item is ready to be rinsed, dried and used.

If you're planning to dye silk, cotton, linen and other cellulose fabrics we can offer you two options: 1. Dyrect Dyes, which need some ordinary Salt plus heat, in either a pan, the washing machine or a microwave; or 2. Reactive Plus Dyes which are used cold, in a bucket or a tray, with just the addition of Soda, and are therefore ideal for Batik and tie-dyeing.

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Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, need a special dye and our Transfer Dyes will colour them in a pan over heat, in just 20 minutes, with no need for anything else but to rinse and dry. 

Transfer printing has always been the traditional method of colouring synthetic fabrics and our dyes mix easily to allow full colour painting of your paper, prior to ironing the design onto the fabric.

Whatever your craft or interest, Omega Dyes have a suitable dye for you.

To Order Omega Dyes please call us on 01453 826550 or 07872 318584

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